A little goes a long way…..

Continuing on with some decorations for Halloween and starting off the week with a post (whaaaaaaaat). So I went to the supermarket for the first time in months, yep you read right MONTHS! We get our groceries delivered (we had planned to get groceries delivered long before this corona shit) and when the deliveries were cut off my husband would go out and get a few supplies to get us through. Anyway going in the supermarket for the first time in what feel like a lifetime ago I came across the seasonal section which had all of the Halloween bits and pieces up for sale. Because I walked to the supermarket my purchases were limited so I thought I’d start with a A4 sized packet of cobwebs decorations and work from there. When buying the bag I was contemplating whether I should buy two but ended up sticking to one just to start and see how I go.

So this bag of webs came with 5 plastic spiders (stingy) and honestly I was excited to pull this out and hang it up. Probably by the time Halloween rolls around I might have real spiders setting up shop in the webs. Only Daddy Long Legs, White tails and Huntsman spiders with be evicted with the big spray. So anyway when I bought the Web I thought it was kind of a lace net setup that would only go in one spot. Probably should of paid more attention to the bag. It was the stretchy fluffy cotton that as its stretched out it looks more like webs. The usual stuff you would see on Halloween displays. Anyhow I could break off a few little chunks and stretch them out a bit to make the inside of my house look nice and themed out. Also look like I’ve given up cleaning. I didn’t really use the whole bag so it ended up being lucky I didn’t buy a second bag.

In the photos below you can see a little bit of web around the house can change the look of a whole room making it more in theme. It only cost $2 for the bag of webs to decorate the main traffic areas of my house (didn’t do bathrooms or bedrooms) so if your on a budget it doesn’t really cost that much to create a bit of a spooky look to your house. Of course I did add in the lights the spawn and I made, a cheap gravestone meant for the front door and a $2 table cloth I bought from the supermarket to add that little extra to the house. But really this is super cheap for people wanting to set up the house to look a bit more on theme. Lets hope these webs last until the end of the month, I wanted to start up decorations early because fuck decorating for just one day! Like Christmas I want my moneys worth with decorating.



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