Smells Like Halloween

In my house I’m always burning candles or wax melts, I don’t know why but having a nice smell burning makes the house feel cleaner than it actually is. I used to use those plug in smelly defusers but I found I would go through them so so quickly. It also wasn’t practical for my house since for some reason my house is scarce with power plugs so I’d have to constantly remove the smelly to plug something in, fuck that. I moved onto those timed air fresheners that spray after a certain amount of time. It was good for a while but in the days I was home alone the spray would always go off at the worst time so it would almost be thrown across the room just out of fright. So I moved onto candles and melts. As well as making the house smell so beautiful it also sets a great relaxing mood. Anyway for years I’ve made my own candles and melts and I have had a pretty extensive supply with various scents that I’d burn depending on what I felt like. It’s only been recently that I realised I was almost out and honestly I just don’t have the time or ability to pay attention to what I’m doing with it so I thought I’d venture out to other brands to try out their ranges. I found the brand COCOSKIN on Instagram that was an Australian based company that sells melts, candles and many other bathroom essentials.

I have been wanting to buy some melts from them for a few weeks now but what really got me to buy them was the release of their Halloween Collection which included a trio of melts. 3 Melts all themed out for Halloween, Hell Yes! Thank god the only melts I had left we’re mistletoe and it’s too early for that shit. So within the trio was Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Trick or treat (Rainbow Sour Straps) and Sugar Skulls (candy Apples). With each of these melts when receiving them holy shit these definitely smelt amazing and made me crave some sugary goodness. Because all of these smelt so good I needed to figure out which one to burn throughout the house on Halloween so I did a little pre-burn testing to figure out which one would be the lucky melt. So I went through each one individually.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Straight away I could tell what scent this is the Pumpkin Spice just smacks you in the face. When using the melt it made the room feel cosy and warm. This is a great melt for those miserable days outside and want to stay in. Sure Melbourne has those days often but its Spring now let’s try to get out of the stretchy pants, take our Claritin and enjoy the more sweeter or floral scents. I do like the smell of this melt but hey I do like the smell of pumpkin spice, it’s a very homely scent. But when I smell it I honestly don’t think Halloween. Yes I know pumpkins are apart of Halloween but to me the scent just makes me think Pinterest home.

Trick or Treat

Oh god this melt smells like lollies! This one I swear will be my undoing with my weight loss. It smells as if someone has opened a bag of lollies in my house. It’s a delightful scent that I think sits perfectly with spring (even if Melbourne spring is bullshit hot one day cold the next). I did associate this with Halloween because the scent just seemed cheerful and fun and the spawn loved it straight out of the box. All I could think of was all of the sugary goodness we’ll be enhal

Sugar Skull

This one didn’t smell bad but it wasn’t my first choice for a scent. It has a sour/ sweet scent which again wasn’t to bad but it kind of reminded me of those fancy soaps people give you from school fairs or markets. They smell good and are nice gifts but never seem to get used. They always sit in a bowl or the bathroom draw and are never used as the intended purpose to clean. Yeah I’m rambling, but yes it smells like that.

So I have settled on the Trick or Treat scent for Halloween. Since I have a few wax burners around the house I’ll use the remainder melts on Saturday and get my house smelling like I’m trying to lure Hansel and Gretel. Probably is a more fitting scent anyway. So of course I’ve included the website below, check them out they sell more than melts of course. Things like soaps and lip balms and all the essentials for a pampering session.

IM OUT!!!!


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