Lets See if this Works…

So with the beautiful Melbourne weather of late (freezing my tits off weather), we’ve started to use our fire pit in the backyard a bit more to try warm up, cook marshmallows and maybe burn some evidence of any online shopping (if theres no boxes how will the husband know that I bought anything…..I could have had that top for years). So anyway one Saturday night while relaxing by the fire I came across a video that Doritos, yes Doritos the chips are flammable. Naturally I had to put this information to the test, I mean really how could I not.

So being as it was a Saturday night and I knew the husband would have a large selection of chips to eat while he was camped out on the couch watching the football and without fail he would have a packet of Doritos in his collection. I know I’m taking chips from a hungry, beer-filled man while his watching the football- but this is for science. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it. So the flames in the fire pit weren’t too big it honestly looked like it was dying out a bit so I put two or three chips in to start, nothing too dramatic just in case it did work and a large flame would have shot up. So after putting them in the flames did pick up which was a big shock, Doritos are actually flammable. Naturally I couldn’t help myself and I threw handfuls in and the flames defiantly picked up for sure.

So this turned out to be pretty interesting, flammable chips. I did do a little research to why they are flammable (mainly because I was a little worried about what it would do to my insides, well besides make me gain weight and unhealthy). The reason is because they are made with corn starch which is a carbohydrate and because they are coated with vegetable oil. So now I know if I want to get a fire going when camping just pack a packet of Doritos.



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