Nails at Home

I don’t know why but lately I’ve just wanted to have nice long nails. Maybe I’ve officially lost my mind and decided that I need my nails done, even though well before lockdowns begin getting my nails done was a really rare occurrence. I mean rare! The last time I got my nails done was in 2019 right before I went on holidays and I literally had them removed the day I got home and have had my stumpy nails painted at home ever since. But I thought to myself why the hell not try out some press on nails since I am in lockdown and need a little pick me up and to try to get myself a little less like trash- one day I will be coming out of lockdown and will need to look respectable for being seen in public. So on my search online I just came across two different brands of false nails to give a little go. Today I’m trying SHRINE.

I must admit the whole reason I wanted to buy these was the colours they look so cheery, I like it. So these ones are pretty long (virtually claws) but I did think I might see how I would go with long long nails. I see so many people with long nails and it’s alway made me wonder how the fuck do they do anything with them on. So moving on when applying these nails the instructions were fairly simple just make sure you have clean, dry nails. Measure up the correct nail and apply nail glue onto the false nail. Press glued nail firmly onto actual nails and hold for 15 seconds. Application was really easy and quick. I was expecting the worst and for this to take a few try’s but it was great- the application process that is.

The final result was not what I was hoping for, they seriously looked like I had photoshopped nails onto a photo. So hilariously terrible (the photo below I’m trying to hold back the laughter at how bad they look on me. Why did I think this was a good idea? This was a bad idea I don’t get why I thought these would look as if I’ve been to a salon…I’ve obviously lost my mind. When it came to function I couldn’t do a bloody thing, they kept stabbing me I had to eat with a fork in the most bizarre way. I looked like Beast in Beauty and the Beast when his trying to use the spoon (resulting in them both eating from the bowl). Off topic does anyone actually know what the Beasts actual name is? Needless to say the nails only lasted close to two hours after I lost my patience while trying to type for work. They had to go.

Removing them was interesting, as the instructions stated all I had to do was soak them in warm soapy water for 10 minutes then remove slowly. Yeah that didn’t happen. I followed the instructions and waited 10 minutes for these nails to soak. After 10 minutes they hadn’t budged, so I put more heated water in and soaked for a further 10minutes and kept pressing onto them to try release my nails. After they were released I did have a few chunks on my nails from the glue, it’s been a few days and I’d say most of the glue has come off but fortunately for me I’m constantly washing my hands.

This little experience with the long nails didn’t last anywhere as long as I thought I would. I would like to know how do women or men (I’ve seen men rock these with no issues) do daily tasks with no issues. For me simply using my phone was a struggle. Long nails do look good in comparison to my chode fingers, they make them look long and lovely- but they just aren’t practical. Well for me that is. I will mention that I am sorry for this post not being posted on Wednesday night usual, last week there was internet difficulties and this week Melbourne had an earthquake. Yes you read right a freaking earthquake! One minute I’m bitching because the glass door is rattling thinking the house is falling apart then the next the whole house shakes. So that was my Wednesday morning, my first earthquake experience. It was either a 5.8 or 6 magnitude it keeps changing but anyway it was an experience I hope to never go through again (despite it being minor compared to the catastrophic ones around the world). Anyway add it to the list of experiences I’ve had in my lifetime.


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