I finally tried TACO BELL

Yep you read right! In the many times I have gone to the states I have never tried Taco Bell. I have literally stood out the front of a Taco Bell in Vegas (I’m 99% sure I ran in and took napkins, it was Vegas I obviously was drinking) and never went in. Every time I would touch down in Melbourne I would say to the husband “oh no we didn’t try Taco Bell”. Now I know a lot of people are reading this and are thinking to themselves “it’s nothing special” or “it’s shit” or “enjoy diarrhoea” – side note those are all quotes of what people have told me over the years about it. But this was just some food I wanted to try out myself. We’ve had Taco Bells in Melbourne for a few years now but none have been close to my neck of the woods. Well that was until about 2020/2021. Sorry it came out near by when we were in and out of lockdowns, honestly those two years have pretty much meshed into one. So this has been a while coming and I have been putting it off for a while now. But this one day I had a hankering for some- mainly because an advertisement popped up in my feed and I had to have it!

So straight out I knew what I wanted was to make sure I have guacamole with whatever I ordered, obviously. I had to judge the guacamole. I had to see if it was proper avocado, this is a bit off topic but does anyone else hate it when you get guacamole and it turns out to be a kind of a green yoghurt concoction with flavouring? I have had it and it is always sickening- it’s a god damn crime! Anyhoo I ordered 2 Crunchwrap Supremes, one with chicken and one with beef mince. I also got a Boss Burrito, these came with fries. I might add that this was between the husband and I, that much food will make me explode and plus my husband is a lot bigger than me and can eat more. I started off trying the chicken Crunchwrap, hands down delicious! With the guacamole (which was also delicious) the wrap was so good! I loved the flavours and the fact it was all perfectly folded up and I didn’t lose a large chunk of my food. I liked the added crunch, when your eating food that’s all kind of the same texture it can get a little off putting or you get over it quickly, but the crunch oh I loved it! It’s mixed up the textures and flavours. Now the beef version of this Crunchwrap, I wasn’t really a fan of to be honest. I’m glad I started off with the chicken because if I I’d the beef first I most likely would have stopped eating the food in my tracks and called it a day. Now it wasn’t terrible I’ll say, I just felt that the whole thing felt oily and because it was so oily the crunch was pretty much almost gone, the whole thing felt soggy. The husband agreed on this with the wraps. The beef Crunchwrap just wasn’t as enjoyable as the chicken.

Now the Boss Burrito, this bad boy wasn’t messing around. I will say that it again had the beef mince inside and it again wasn’t that tasty. But I will say what saved this a bit was the fact that it had the guacamole inside and all of the other bits and pieces to add to the burrito. I’m curious to re-try this with maybe steak strips or slow cooked pork or even chicken. I think this could be a lot better with different meat inside, why we chose ground beef is beyond me. We played it safe or actually I think we panicked when ordering through the drive through.

So I finally tried Taco Bell, not the shitty Australian rip off Taco Bill. Seriously I hope all of those places get shut down, everytime I have eaten there I have thought “why not try it again it could have been an off day” but my dumb ass kept going back and I always ended up with food poisoning. But yes, the chicken Supreme Crunchwrap I loved! It was so good I think that on it’s own (with guacamole of course) was so satisfying and didn’t need any extras like fries. It was filling but not to the point you feel sick and it all around tasted amazing. The food with the minced beef I feel like it was just too soggy and the beef just didn’t have any seasoning to it, it didn’t taste great and was super oily. I get with fast food a lot of the time it is oily, I understand that but this was extreme. Usually I can kind of over look the oily mess in fast food if it tastes amazing. This did not. I am willing to change up the protein to see if others work and just avoid the ground beef. This was a fun little adventure, I will say I do wish I tried this in Vegas when I was drinking one of those frozen cocktails ohh that would have been so good.



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