Now I will say this I am one hairy bitch! I don’t understand why with my background, I don’t have any medical condition that causes me to be hairy but for some reason I am. It pisses me off, especially in summer. I’d say the worst part is my armpits, I swear sometimes I have to shave them daily because the hair just grows constantly. I’ve reached my limit with shaving my armpits…..time to laser that shit!!

So I planned on getting my body hair lasered. I know a number of people who get it done on a few spot on their body and they highly recommended it. Originally I was going to get the works done at a salon but then I saw how much it would cost and I nearly fainted. I then found out I had to go for multiple sessions in order to achieve results, meaning I would have to go into the laser clinic to get zapped once a week. Thats a lot of effort and commitment just to keep the garden tidy. The committing to multiple weeks did worry me with the state of things and the never ending fear that I could be locked down again and ruin the hair loss progress I thought Id try out an at home laser device.

I have had a little look around but my husband decided to go a bit rogue when picking out my gift for my birthday this year and selected a brand that I honestly didn’t know about; HEY SILKY SKIN. So I never heard of this brand before so I had no idea what to expect with this. When I did look them up I did get a little worried about a few people saying that the good reviews are fake – so thats terrifying. But I wasn’t going to let a little bit of gossip scare me off. So technically this is called and IPL device, the device itself looks a lot like many of the other devices on the market at the moment the only difference would be the logo is different. well and one more thing I’ll get to that shortly. On their site they say that this device is pain free, quick to use, totally safe, works on any body part and stops hair growth in 3 sessions. That last part made me want to test this out for sure. Now Ive only used it on my armpits just to kind of test the waters and see if this actually works.

First off for a simple and easy device to use it does have a bit of an inconvenience to it, you have to plug the fucker in an keep it plugged to use it. I originally thought I just needed to charge it and I could use it cord free. Nope I was wrong. It just seems a bit odd I could only imagine trying to laser my butthole and a stupid cord keeps getting in the way. Lucky for me Im just using this for my armpits now so its not too bad with the cord. To use I have to shave before I use the device and I have to do it once a week for 12weeks. There are 5 settings on the device, so you can pick out the intensity of the flash. I started off with the lowest on the first week and gradually moved up to the highest as the weeks went on. I have seen on reviews on IPLs that some people experienced redness when they used a higher intensity flash without testing first. Lucky me no redness but with the highest setting it is hot when you zap. When zapping there really isn’t any pain it’s more like a hot flick and that’s it.

Now the results so far. Well it says on the website stops hair growing after 3 sessions. I can say that’s bullshit. I’m on my 5th and hair still is growing back. But saying that it isn’t growing back as quickly as it was before I began zapping my armpits. So that’s a start, I hoping this stops the growth or to the point I only need to shave once a week (ohhh that be amazing). While it’s still early to really tell if this is worth a buy I will say I wish it was cordless but other than that it seems ok I can’t really say it’s bad because I’m not sure it’s working. Stay tuned I’ll share my final thoughts when I hit week 12 and will let you know if this really was worth it. But if you are thinking of buying your own at home hair removal laser device there are so many on the market right now simply look up IPL device and there will be so many popping up. But we will see how things go on week 12.

IM OUT!!!!


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