Starbucks Christmas

With it being December and the lead up to Christmas a lot of places are bringing out their Christmas collections of products. One place in particular that captures my attention is Starbucks. A few years ago I went and tried all of the different Christmas drinks available, they haven’t really changed up the selection in a while but I thought I might try them all again. I mean why not, things might not have tickled my fancy back then and I might enjoy it this time. Let’s give these a second try. I will mention I won’t be getting through ALL of the drinks as these Starbucks posts will be on each Friday leading up to Christmas.

Toffee Nut Crunch Cold Brew

First things first, let’s try a toffee cold brew. I was hoping this would be enjoyed on a warm day but seriously Melbourne what the hell?!! Its been one hot day followed by heaps of cold days. I can’t pack my winter stuff away because its still getting bloody cold. Anyway I like to enjoy a cold brew here and there so this should be good.

“Slow-steeped Cold Brew Coffee, infused with moreish toffee nut sauce, topped with cold foam and a crunchy topping” Starbucks Australia Website.

Ok so I got this cold brew excited to give it a go, it was good don’t get me wrong I do love a cold brew. BUT, I didn’t get any of the Toffee Nut flavour what so ever. I could see the foam and I did the girly cold Starbucks drink swirl to mix up everything and I literally go no other flavours than the cold brew. I mean I wasn’t expecting it to be a burst of flavour but I was hoping for a more subtle flavour to add to the drink. Instead I got cold brew with useless foam on top that had a few sprinkles. I will say I was a little disappointed, not because it was bad but the fact I didn’t get any of the flavours that were supposed to be in it.

I will note that I am aware this wasn’t posted on Friday. The simple explanation is the ENTIRE day Starbucks was ridiculously busy. I went 3 times and the drive through was down the road busy and I couldn’t even get into the driveway to get to the car park in order to go inside. It was mayhem!! Everywhere is busy at the moment I’m starting to feel like I need to just stay home to avoid the insane crowds. I will also note that I have been a few times and Starbucks has been out of the flavour for the specific drink I want to order- so if this drama continues this little venture with Starbucks drinks might be cut short…..Hopefully not!

IM OUT!!!!


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