I love Hot Cross Buns, I always would look forward to them coming out close to Easter. By hot cross buns I mean the traditional fruit flavour. As much as I find these delicious I do feel like the magic has gone with the excitement of them coming to stores since these have been stocked earlier and earlier each year. For the last few years these have been available in store BOXING DAY! Yep we have just finished Christmas and already supermarkets are selling these! But now these actually came out even earlier, the days before Christmas the bins were already available, we weren’t even done with Christmas and these fuckers are telling us to prep for Easter! Anyway, there are more and more different types of Hot Cross Buns now. Back when I was a kid you could only really get traditional fruit or plain buns. So I thought lets try all of the different flavours that I can get my grubby mitts on.


Of course I’m going to start with a classic, I like these lightly toasted. I mean just every so lightly crispy on the outside and warm enough to melt the margarine. I don’t have butter on a lot of things but when its on Hot Cross Buns ohhh amazing. I love the mix of fruit and the spices, its just so good. I get it when it comes to these fruit treats it is a personal preference. Like with Christmas fruit mince pies, some people like them some don’t.

I rate this 10/10


I have actually never had a plain HCB (hot cross bun). So this could be interesting. So I made this how I would with a regular HCB, lightly toasted with margarine. It wasn’t bad but I felt like it was very plain and I felt like it was as if I toasted a bread roll. I felt like I needed to add jam or anything just to make it less bland. I get people prefer these but this was not for me.

I rate this 3/10


This is the one that has me a little terrified. I know a lot of people actually prefer this one, so if I say anything bad people would come for my head. I didn’t add margarine with this because I felt like it might work against the chocolate with this and warming up the chocolate would be enough. I got one with Cadbury Chocolate chips. Heated up with wasn’t too rich and was actually really enjoyable. This reminded me of a finger bun ( keep your mind out of the gutter please). Because of that I kept feeling like this needed some icing or something on top – I don’t know why I am the way I am. This did surprise me I honestly thought it would taste too sickening but it was actually pretty good. Its very close to a 10 I just feel like it needs something else to push it over, but very close.

I rate this 9.5/10


These are actually the buns that inspired this post, I actually picked these up by accident while shopping thinking they were the traditional fruit only to be writing at the checkout and actually read the label. Now I treaded these like my normal Traditional. Lightly toasted with a bit of melted margarine. The smell first off was delightful I love anything apple cinnamon, it smells so homely and makes my mouth water. If you make a candle that scent Id be constantly sniffing it going “ohhhhh yummmm”. So this was delicious just as good as the fruit, the apple and cinnamon just went that bit extra, it was a nice treat. I feel like this partnered with a cup of tea would be so good on a cold rainy day. Funny though that its actually sunny day currently as Im writing this.

I rate this 10/10


I remember when I first saw this I thought COLES were joking. What insane person came up with this idea. Seriously I’d love to have been at the meeting where someone stood up and said ” So, you know that burger sauce we sell, why don’t we make it a flavour for hot cross buns”, to see the faces of people. For people who don’t know what the burger sauce is; its essentially an interpretation of the Big Mac sauce- pickle, mayo goodness. Why it’s mixed with a HCB is beyond me. So first off, looking at the colour – not appealing. The smell, what the actual fuck! The tangy smell made me hesitate when taking my first bite. With this I did the standard crispy toasted but I didn’t add margarine, I honestly didn’t know what to do with this. I had to spit this out. I tasted, what I hope was a pickle chunk in it. I tasted like hot mayonnaise with pickles that were not quite right. This was horrible! Thank god I didn’t buy the whole bag someone else I knew had bought them to try and offered me one.

I rate this 0/10

This was an interesting little taste test for the HCB, I am aware there are more flavours these were just what I could get at the time. I now have a lovely little collection of buns to get me through the long weekend celebrations and I can make a small platter of these to take for a family gathering on Easter Saturday.



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